Free Rice -
A great website for a great cause. Students can go here to quiz themselves in categories such as English Vocabulary, Grammar, Math, Art, and Language. This is very good preparation for the state tests. For every question students get right, 10 grains of rice are donated.

Brain Pop -
An interactive and engaging website that has videos, games, pictures, documents, and activities that students can check out. Some teachers also use activities from there in class. The school has purchased a subscription and students can login for free. Login: marcoforster Password: brainpop.

California Reality Check -
This is a great website for students to go to for a "reality check". Students can put in hypothetical data and information and see career avenues and options. Students can also plan out a simulated adult lifestyle and find out how much it will cost them and what type of job they would need to support it.

Bureau of Labor Statistics -
Career Planning: What do you like to do? - Another great website for students to use to plan out their career path.

World Book Online -
Provided by the Marco PTSA, this online encyclopedia is a great reference for all your research needs and can be accessed from school or home. Login ID: marcohome Password: roadrunner