Welcome MFMS Families!
Did you know that the PTSA is a volunteer organization started in 1897 to improve the lives of every child? Today, it continues to put children first and brings parents, teachers, and students together through advocacy and activities at each school site.
It is not a fundraising organization yet to offer student programs and improvements, some fundraisers are needed to support these endeavors. We look forward to participation from all families whether it is volunteering your time or service. How will you help us help every child?
We want to continue supporting student programs and this will be possible when our community comes together with their time and talent. How will you help us help every child?
There is no "I" in Team but there is a "U" in volunteer. Your time is valuable. Your time spent volunteering is invaluable. On behalf of the PTSA Board and Committees, we thank you in advance for all your support.
Kerry Quinn
2017-2018 PTSA President